Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pemi Loop New Hampshire

West Bond, Mt Bond and Bondcliff

Mt Guyot

lookout from Galehead Mtn, Galehead Hut in background

Galehead Summit... pile of rocks in the woods

Garfield Shelter

signs to pose with everywhere!

on Liberty mtn in the fog

Garfield Summit. L to R- Mt Flume, Liberty, Little Haystack, Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette

Garfield Ridge was super beautiful

This old bugger knows how to hike!

Mt Lafayette

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gunks, NY climbing

welcome to the Gunks

top roping off the carriage road

Fat City Direct rappel

Yab Yum, 5 pitches of adventure

Jason, Lorisa and Jason

our guide Jason was like a tiny mountain goat with oakleys

this spider was seriously the size of my fist so i named him cody and took his picture

 selfie sticks are overrated 

our protection: three tiny cams in a crack.  TRUST was the word of the day

"yeah, im pretty sure it'll hold..."

New Paltz in background
our feet hang off the tiny belay ledge as we prepare for another pitch

Mt. Katahdin, Maine

Chimney Pond

Cathedral Trail

Pamola Peak and Knife Edge Trail

2nd Cathedral, Chimney Pond in the background

Pamola Peak from Cathedral

first view of the Knife Edge Trail

getting closer to Pamola Peak

Fernando rocks

The Knife Edge

Pamola Peak

Baxter Peak, Knife Edge Trail in clouds

bottom of Dudley Trail